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The most fun and refreshing options of Navarro López are the Fontana di Fiori wines. Two varieties of frizz wines, with fine bubbles and very fruity, perfect to make desserts lighter or to accompany tapas.

The Fontana di Fiori white verdejo and muscatel has a bright and herbal color, with green flashes. The aroma is reminiscent of fresh and tropical fruit. The palate is refreshing, tasty and very fruity. Ideal for cocktails and aperitifs.

Fontana di Fiori rosé is a wine that not only attracts attention for its flavor, but also for its color. This variety has an attractive pink tone that fits perfectly with the aroma of red fruits. In the mouth it is fresh and with a perfect balance between acidity and sweetness that you will love. Include it in your next snack or when enjoying a light pasta or rice dish.

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