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Tradition is not inherited, it is conquered.

Our Premium 1904 is one of the best representations of the land of Don Quixote. Its Protected Geographical Indication places us in this region known for its history, its mills and its good wine. In this section you will find four types of wines, made with tempranillo, syrah, graciano, sauvignon blanc and chardonnay. All of them of great quality, perfect to enjoy their nuances in any occasion.

The reds are tasty and powerful, with a long taste in the mouth and penetrating aromas. The cherry red color and the violet sparkles stand out in the glass and seem to illuminate the glass in the light.

The whites have a crystalline straw yellow color, with greenish hues that announce complex aromas of tropical fruits. The palate is soft, fresh, balanced and with a slight acidity that disappears leaving a fresh and sweet memory on the palate.

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