Navarro López Commitment


In Bodegas Navarro López we have an active commitment with our environment, and therefore, we always work strategically to be an environmentally responsible company. Proof of this is the design of our facilities, conceived with the aim of minimizing the environmental impact by integrating harmoniously with the environment. A modern, efficient winery oriented towards maximum sustainability.

Our production process is based on the premise of the necessary supply of grapes, taking care to control possible surpluses.

Our activity favors the promotion of the rural environment, enhancing the value of the wonderful location in which we are located. We are members of the Valdepeñas Wine Route and we have the seal of Commitment to Quality Tourism.


We are a big family. Bodegas Navarro López is made up of a large number of winemaking families who give their best to offer a unique product of the highest excellence. Our commitment to people goes much further, belonging to the Wine In Moderation Association, a coalition of responsible organizations in the world of wine, which seeks to create a culture of responsible consumption.


We have the IFS certification that qualifies us as a company that meets the highest standards of food safety.