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The soul of the winery.

Don Aurelio, a wine born in Valdepeñas to become one of the most recognized Valdepeñas wines worldwide. The flagship of Navarro López through some of its best reds, whites, rosés and sparkling wines. A special collection that will transport you through different paths to the same point of origin, the land where they were born.

Enjoy in each sip the balance of the Tempranillo grape, the strong aroma of ripe fruit of the Syrah variety, the body of the Grenache or the freshness of the Verdejo. A pleasant surprise in each bottle that will fill your palate with taste, aroma and sensations.

Do you want to taste the best of our selection? Try “Reserva de familia”. An exceptional wine, made with selected Tempranillo grapes and aged 15 months in oak barrels. We have been applying the best techniques since 1904 to obtain a wine like this, which enhances the dedication and good work of our expert winemakers.

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