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The only way to get rid of temptation is to fall into it.

Our cellar masters have created two liqueurs full of nuances, a divine temptation perfect to culminate the best moments in company.

Our herb liqueur with marc is really attractive. Not only because of its intense yellow color with greenish tones, but also because of the herbal compounds that give it very appealing aromas. These are perceived in the mouth, leaving a pleasant flavor that lasts for a long time. To enjoy it to the fullest, serve it very cold in a grappa glass or in a low glass.

At Navarro López we have created a smooth and creamy pomace cream, perfect to be consumed without haste, savoring every moment. Its unmistakable pale beige color announces that unmistakable flavor, sweet and intense, with delicious notes of caramel and cocoa. Don’t forget to drink it very cold, with ice and in a glass to fully appreciate its nuances.

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Navarro López
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