Vermouth 1904, silver at the Cinve 2021 International Competition

Vermouth 1904, by Navarro López, wins silver medal after launching in 2020


Navarro López’s Vermouth 1904 has won silver at the seventeenth edition of the Cinve 2021 International Competition of Wines, Vermouths, Vinegars and Ciders. More than 20 countries participated this year in a final held in Cáceres from 28 to 30 May.


Vermouth 1904 was launched in 2020 with a name that pays tribute to the date of the inauguration of its winery, Navarro López, and aims to become the flagship of the winery in its category of liqueurs and Vermouth. Its copper color and intense and elegant aroma and herbaceous notes balance sweetness and bitterness, freshness, spicy aromas and a high persistence. It is recommended to be served between -8º and -12º.