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ParaCelsus is a delicious dance on the palate that vindicates the wine with traditional winemaking. Its 100% organic production with the minimum possible intervention and total respect for the environment and the ecosystem that surrounds us represents a wine born from the earth and its sustainability, which has resulted in an exquisite balance between citrus and tropical fruits, spices and vanilla. Among the ParaCelsus wines you will find a red and a white. Both have been awarded for their quality at the International Organic Wine Award, a European competition that recognizes organic wines, as in this case.

The young red ParaCelsus is made from Tempranillo grapes. The nose is reminiscent of ripe fruit, with aromas of spices and vanilla. The palate is complex, with balanced tannins and low acidity. It is perfect with stews and red meats.

Blanco Verdejo Para Celsus emanates aromas reminiscent of citrus and tropical fruits. It is smooth in the mouth and has a pleasant point of acidity that makes it perfect to accompany seafood, white meats, sausages and vegetarian dishes.

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