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Luna Negra tells stories through its nuances. With denomination of origin “La Mancha”, they are ideal to taste alone or to accompany the most exquisite dishes. Grown in an exceptional area, the grape acquires a uniform size and a multitude of mineral nuances that are noticeable in the mouth. The altitude, the cold of winter, the heat of summer and the fertile soil result in a sumptuous and full-bodied wine.

To achieve these wines we have chosen the best varieties of Tempranillo grapes, in the case of the reds, and Macabeo grapes, in the case of the whites. All of them carefully cared for in our vineyards and harvested at the optimum moment of ripening. Hence the exceptional taste, the many aromas, the nuances perceived both on the nose and in the mouth and a fantastic brightness when the light passes through it.

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