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Baron de Navarro, with DO. Ribera del Duero is a wine that fuses the nuances of the Duero river basin and the versatility of a wine capable of adapting to the best moments, to the reading of a book or the enjoyment of music.

The tinta del país, tempranillo, is the grape that serves as the base for the elaboration of these wines. These wines are aromatic and full-bodied, with well-defined tannins. Notes of black berries and cocoa are perceived on the nose, more noticeable in the Roble and Crianza varieties. The palate is long and intense and the fruity taste lingers on the palate. The cherry color is present in all of them, being darker those that have spent more time resting in oak barrels. A delight for Ribera del Duero lovers.

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Navarro López
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