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DO Valdpeñas awards Bodegas Navarro López


The Wine Museum Valdepeñas has hosted this Friday the act of the 25th anniversary of the Quality Awards of the DO Valdepeñas, which has counted with the journalist and food writer Miguel Ángel Almodóvar as Ambassador of the DO Valdepeñas in this act of award ceremony .

The mayor of Valdepeñas and the president of the DO, Jesús Martín, responded that "the Regulatory Council is in the best moment ever, has taken the steps of the giant at the last moment that has been rewarded with an expansion of the market" external and internal market that has led us to also expand production, homogenize, appellations of origin and not competition against, on the other hand, lead to the four years in which the viticulturist is rewarded " his effort to generate a quality grape and the whole of all this is that when the unit is put to work on an objective it has already been rewarded by the markets. "

Martín added that "this year we are going to put in value, according to the tasting panel, the most notable wines of the Denomination of Origin, which will help the winners and the whole of the DO", which With more than 20,000 hectares, 4,000 vine growers and 14 wineries.

For his part, the general director of Agroalimentary Industries and Cooperatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Gregorio Jaime Rodríguez, highlighted in the media of the wines of Castilla-La Mancha "are in the best moment for five years, in 2018 It has exceeded by 10% the turnover of wine with respect to 2017 and in which we have been in 2019, we already have the February data of the Wine Observatory and have increased the volume of the export by 20%. "In this sense, it is said that we are closer to reaching the 2,500,000,000 euros that will be published, as well as to this legislature, as well as to the 85,000 grape growers, 600 wineries and cooperatives and 9 denominations of origin ".
The act of delivery of the Quality Awards of the DO Valdepeñas had the journalist Miguel Ángel Almodóvar as Ambassador of the awarding of these awards, a figure that aims to promote and spread the essence of wines with designation of origin. Almodóvar is one of the most recognized journalists and writers at a national level in the gastronomic field. He is the author of some twenty books in this area, currently collaborating in the magazine Vinos y Restaurantes and is a regular contributor to the radio programs of Carlos Herrera, Nieves Herrero and El Pulpo.

As for the winners, the red Crianza de Don Aurelio Crianza Tempranillo 2015 from Bodegas Navarro López won the prestigious Gold Medal

The Silver Medals went to Don Aurelio Reserva Tempranillo 2014, Don Aurelio Tempranillo 2018 and Don Aurelio Verdejo 2018 from Bodegas Navarro López.

Source: Valderec


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