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The Navarro López wineries hold a solidarity tasting to benefit Álvaro


The wineries Navarro López and the workers of the Hospital Gutiérrez Ortega, family and friends of Álvaro, a three year old Valdepeñas child from neighboring Valdepeñas who suffers from a disease associated with rare diseases, organizing a solidarity tasting in the former headquarters of the winery which brought together more than 70 people with the same goal, help achieve the objectives of Álvaro and his family.

The attendees of the event made a guided visit to the old Navarro López winery where they learned about the history and origins of the winery as the elaboration of the traditional way of wine. After the presentation of a wine tasting in which it was possible to taste, a Don Aurelio Verdejo, a Don Aurelio Syrah and a sparkling wine, Vincenza Semiseco.

Álvaro was born without muscle mass, after undergoing innumerable tests of the results not yet diagnosed. Being a rare disease, Álvaro and his family can not help any association, which hinders their development, since every 15 days is due to a Madrid to undergo very expensive treatments.

Relatives and friends of Álvaro carry out the campaign "Your cookies, my steps" in order to raise funds to buy a walker appropriate to their needs. In this way we can all help to buy your cookies for only € 1.

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TRIPLE WIN by Don Aurelio in the quality awards of the Valdepeñas appellation of origin


One year Bodegas Navarro López has once again reaped success in the quality awards organized by the Valdepeñas appellation of origin each year. Being one of the most historically lauded wineries, this year could not be less and the Navarro López family has achieved a triplet of prizes. Gold medal -Don Aurelio Reserva Tempranillo 2013. Bodegas Navarro López Silver medal -Don Aurelio Airén 2017 from Bodegas Navarro López -Don Aurelio Tempranillo 2017 from Bodegas Navarro López As every year for the delivery of prizes the bodegueros of the denomination were given appointments. On the part of the Navarro López family, Doroteo Navarro Donado and Francisco Navarro López were also present at the event. The greatest satisfaction for the family business is to continue in the line of work that is taking until now, which is making the line of Don Aurelio a benchmark of quality in the wines of Valdepeñas in Spain and internationally (added more than 15 distinctions in the last two years). The career of Don Aurelio has made it a benchmark for innovation and quality. Its commitment to varietals has been a success and every year new references are added that are instantly awarded (like this year Don Aurelio Airén). With a presence in more than 72 countries, Don Aurelio has become ambassador for quality wines of the Valdepeñas appellation of origin. Converting the brand name itself into a guarantee seal. Likewise, its modern design makes consumers feel attracted from the start by becoming loyal followers. Jesús Martín (president of the denomination) highlighted the quality of the Valdepeñas wines and the triplet of the Don Aurelio brand attests to this. Undoubtedly, being an international reference is important, but also being a prophet in the denomination of origin is the greatest pride of the Navarrese family López. Turning Don Aurelio into Heir of the most demanding wine tradition.

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The tasting cycle of the Navarro López family begins April 28


The tasting cycle of the Navarro López winery starts next Saturday. During the activities, which will take place during spring and summer, the Navarro López family opens the doors of their old winery so that all visitors who are curious to know more about our history and our wine, can do so in the most fun way possible. The first will take place on April 28 in its former facilities of the C / Real 82-84. To this end, the Navarro López family has prepared a guided tour of the old facilities of the Navarro López family. After a wine tasting of 3 wines, we can enjoy a Premium 1904 Moscatel de Alejandría accompanied by a smoked sushi with smoked salmon and cheese, a Don Aurelio Merlot with a toast with loin of pot and roasted green pepper and a wine Sparkling Vincenza Rosado that will be accompanied by a toast of feta cheese with anchovy and mint. All this will be enlivened by the performance of the Magician Vicente Pepin Vicente, a renowned valdepeñero conjuror. With more than a decade of experience he will offer us a show full of illusion, magic and humor. If you do not want to miss it, you can buy your tickets for only € 10 in the old warehouse of C / Real 82-84 or book it through the e-mail or by calling 926 32 36 26. Tickets until full capacity is reached. The next performance that the Navarro López winery plans to offer will be on May 12.

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