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Discounts, promotions and free activities at Bodegas Navarro López


The exceptional situation that we are currently experiencing means that the Bodegas Navarro López take the extraordinary measures necessary to guarantee the supply and service to our customers through promotions and special discounts.
While the confinement lasts, the Bodegas Navarro López puts at the service of its clients and residents of Valdepeñas, an exclusive service of wine delivery at home completely free of charge. The only thing to do to take advantage of this promotion is to search the website catalog and call 926 32 36 26 requesting the products that best suit your tastes.
Likewise, while the state of alarm lasts, you can benefit from an exclusive 10% discount on any product from the online store or from the Navarro López family wine shop, located at C / Real, 84 de Valdepeñas.
Wine tourism activity was also altered, which is why from the Navarro López Wineries virtual visits will be made periodically at its facilities. The next virtual visit will take place on Friday, March 27 at 12:00 in the modern and elaborate facilities of Bodegas Navarro López. You can follow the visit live from the Instagram account @antiguas_bodegas_navarro_lopez


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