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The Navarro López family wins the International AWC Vienna with 4 medals


At the beginning of September in the Austrian city of Vienna, the tasting committee met, made up of professionals from the world of wine with the difficult task of evaluating the wines presented in this international contest
As has been usual year after year, the references to this prestigious contest are increasing year after year, which makes it harder to get good results each year.
In this edition of 2018, more than 12,400 references have been submitted from 39 different countries. And the wineries Navarro López obtained a result that more than remarkable when receiving 4 of these recognized medals.
Don Aurelio Gran Reserva and Don Aurelio Syrah have obtained the prestigious Gold medal, while the references of the Don Aurelio Reserva and Premium 1904 winery reaped a more than excellent Silver medal.
The Navarro López family wants to show their gratitude for the recognition shown to their work and the assessment received by the jury of the tasting committee.


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